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During «Social Navigator. Conference on business that changes the world “, which was held by the Ukrainian Social Academy dedicated to the day of social business, a lot of interesting thoughts and speeches were expressed. The conference was opened by Mohammed Yunuse`s speech, the Nobel Prize winner. For those who failed to listen to the professor’s speech online, we publish a text fragment of his speech.

From the beginning of the quarantine, the huge economic machine was frozen. And now everyone wants to launch it back. But should we do it? While this car is asleep, a lot of wonderful things are happening to us. Nobody pollutes the air. We are no longer contributing to global warming. Finally, we realize what caused this problem.

After all, the situation with the climate change on the planet is so serious that we are already incredibly close to the point of no return – like a passenger sitting on a train, who is waiting for an imminent catastrophe. And right now, we have an opportunity to change the course and choose another way.

But global warming is not the only one serious problem of humanity.

An artificial intelligence is developing very fast – but only wealthy people benefit from it. Cars do not need sleep, food and salary. That is why during this century, about a billion people have to replace these cars. What will we do with the great number unemployed?

Nowadays the world’s resources are concentrated in the hands of a small number of people, while 95% of humanity has almost nothing. And one day they will think: what is the advantage of such an economic system – to work hard in order to make a few people extremely rich? This situation can be compared with the bomb that can explode at any moment.

That is why we need to reform our financial system because that is the reason for the uneven distribution of funds. Now the richer you are, the more important you are for the financial system. And we have to change it vice versa. And also, we have to provide everyone with the opportunity to take a loan and start their own social business. And as soon as the poor get opportunities for the development, we transform the economy.

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