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Social entrepreneurship accelerator

Social entrepreneurship accelerator

Social startup innovation accelerator is an intensive business development program for social startups and existing social enterprises.

The program objective is to help participants improve their products and services, improve their business competencies, scale up and attract investment. We show how to earn a living and solve a social problem at the same time.

The program provides face-to-face training, mentoring and expert support. You will also have the opportunity to participate in an investment competition to develop your own social business.

10.07.2020 Start
5000UAH (without VAT) price
6 monthsduration
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About the program

This program is right for you if:

• you have a social startup with a working business model and an existing product/service prototype;
• you are a founder or a manager of an existing social enterprise seeking an enterprise support;
• you graduated from the Ukrainian Social Academy pre-accelerator, and you seek to develop your startup into a working business.

Investment presentation

Participants who have successfully passed all the modules of the program and completed the tasks of the modules, present their projects to the jury and have the opportunity to receive a non-refundable investment in the development of their social startup.

Program structure

Module 1:

Organizational Design

  • Social innovations and entrepreneurial activity
  • Checking the readiness to start a business. Analysis of own business model
  • Building a dashboard of key indicators that reflect the progress of the project
  • Expert analysis of participants’ startups
Module 2:

Marketing And Sales

  • Marketing laws and marketing strategy of a social enterprise
  • Brand strategy and brand management tools of a social enterprise
  • The first sales and settings of the sales system in the joint venture. How to learn to sell what was free?
  • How not to lose existing and find new customers?
Module 3:

Financial Management

  • Budgeting and financial calculations
  • Strategic and operational financial planning. Find opportunities for profitability
  • Attracting investment: working with donors and investors
  • Practice of financial analysis: daily decision-making and operational planning based on financial indicators
Module 4:

People Management and Teamwork

  • Forming a team of professionals: competency models and team recruitment
  • Setting goals and objectives: delegation, control, analysis and feedback
  • Methods and evaluation of teamwork efficiency
  • Training and motivation of team members
Module 5:

Development of Startups

  • Legal issues of social and entrepreneurial activity
  • Legal issues in personnel management
  • Internal and external challenges in business development
  • How to present your startup to investors
Module 6:

Presentation Of Projects

Program advantages

(Ua) Що ви отримаєте:

Program advantages

you will learn to effectively manage a social enterprise

Program advantages

you will get individual mentoring from more than 20 key industry experts in ukrainian startups

Program advantages

you will get consultations from the Ukrainian Social Academy team

Program advantages

you will join the social entrepreneurship ecosystem

Program advantages

you will work with experts, set individual goals and work directly with your customers and users

Program advantages

you will get investments from the Academy and other investors. The amount of investment will depend on the needs of each startup

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Lecturers and mentors

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Mykhaylo Melnyk
Mykhaylo Melnyk

PhD, specializes in strategy, business planning and fundraising, founder of the Ukrainian Social...

Petro Darmoris
Petro Darmoris

Executive Director of the Ukrainian Social...


Economist, financial top manager, teacher, popularizer of economic...

Natalya Pysarenko
Natalya Pysarenko

MBA Professor, Marketing Expert of EU Horizon 2020...

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To join the program

submit an application and pass an interview

Yulia Pelypenko

Contact person

Yulia Pelypenko

program manager

38 067 576 44 74