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To make the world better: 5 successful graduates of USA

The idea of “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” is not new. And social entrepreneurship, as one of its implementations, allows you to engage in socially useful work without the help of the state or philanthropists. “Starting your own social business is not as difficult as it seems”, say graduates of Ukrainian Social Academy programs, and they prove it with their own example.


Having opened a Ukrainian travel bureau VseSvoe, Tetiana Lychko, a resident of city of Sumy, has set herself the goal of showing Ukrainians that it is interesting and great be on a tour through the country.

Basket luncheons with incredible sights, historic quests, gastro and relaxation tours with your friends – you will remember for a long time! You may not only travel, but also make a contribution to the preservation of the cultural heritage of the native land, because VseSvoe will deduct 10% of the profits to maintain the historic status, organize volunteer tours, collaborate with communities to develop local tourism.


Anna Ponikarchuk and Anastasiia Martynenko live up to “zero-waste” principle for several years. They were able to find an alternative to the everyday plastic things and turn their lifestyle into a business. USA alumni opened the first zero-waste store OZERO in Ukraine. During the working years, OZERO founders have more than 1000 followers who have become supporters of a garbage-free life.

As for now, girls give lectures and workshops on eco-adaptation, conscious consumption, work with organizations and companies.

“At our lectures, workshops and other events we offer solutions for those who care about their health and well-being of future generations,” say social entrepreneurs.

The girls’ long-term goal is to continue to develop their store, conduct training courses for organizations and companies, to collaborate with organizations that promote conscious consumption.

Kav’yarnya Poruch

From now on, Kramatorsk residents can not only drink a cup of coffee, but also help ATO veterans and their families. Volodymyr Babych, a graduate of the Ukrainian Social Academy, has started in Kramatorsk his own social enterprise – Kav’yarnya Poruch. 80% of the proceeds will go to support the activities of the Center Poruch, veterans’ free space.

The cafe has become a kind of veteran space – there are regular courses of foreign languages ​​for veterans, and soon it is planned to open a sports and conference rooms.

Poverty is not just about money, poverty is about life disaffection,” says Ihor Myronenko, resident of city of Sumy, finalist of the Ukrainian Social Academy program. His project is an open workshop where anyone can embody their engineering or design concept. Space residents will be able to make money by selling manufactured products; part of the proceeds from the workshop will be spent on social projects in city of Sumy. “I always thought that money was not the main thing, but I didn’t think that business, in addition to profit, could bring such social benefits. But the more I delved into the subject, the more I was drawn: Yes! This is what I really need!”, – says Ihor. The “bobry” already have a compelling portfolio of work done. A good step towards overcoming poverty, isn’t it?

Medical Center «Nadiia»

It is possible to realize the planned – only a deliberate plan of action is needed, – says Andrii Bondaruk, graduate of the Ukrainian Social Academy. Long time ago he dreamed of opening a medical center and even leased the premises and began to repair. But he had no systematic understanding of how to run a business, how to set up an accounting system, to make all the approval documents, to advertise. “I was impressed by the level of teachers who gave only practical real knowledge. Plus, a motivation charge and a desire to put projects into practice,” says Andrew.

The result of the training was the opening of the Nadiia Medical Center in Chortkov. Currently, the center is hosted by a dermatovenerologist, trichologist, gynecologist, urologist, proctologist-surgeon, cardiologist, work the aesthetic medicine and cosmetology offices.

This fall start the next programs at the Ukrainian Social Academy, you can follow the screening on the academy Facebook page.