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It seems that only yesterday we congratulated the participants of the program “The Social Entrepreneurship: Inclusion” with the beginning of training and it’s just the time to prepare certificates for the recent graduates.

For almost three months of studying, academics have achieved a lot. They learned the basics of social entrepreneurship, formed a business model of their company, value of the supply and MVP.

The academics themselves told us how the newly created social enterprises are going to change the situation with inclusion in the country.

Halyna Yadzhak works in the branch office of the Caritas Charitable Foundation in Drohobych. The foundation has an “Amazing Palms” centre, which employs people with disabilities and helps them to adapt to life in society. Pupils of the centre embroider beautiful pictures with the beads. But due to the high price and a small number of potential buyers, these works did not sell very well.

“When I came to study at the Ukrainian Social Academy, I did not know what social entrepreneurship is and now I have the necessary knowledge to start a social business,” says the graduate. During her studies, Halyna decided to change the product so that the centre’s employees would embroider well-selling things instead of paintings such as bags, clothes, etc. The graduate plans to use the money to help people with disabilities and develop the centre.

Natalia Shisholik is the head of the public organization “Dovira”, who helps people with disabilities. A graduate of the program “The Social Entrepreneurship: Inclusion” lives in the village of Manevychi in the Volyn region. She seeks to create a sewing workshop for people with disabilities. “I think we’ll start repairing clothes and then we’ll start sewing children’s clothes,” says Natalia. And in the long-term perspective of the founder of the enterprise is to reach a new level of production and find a place for wholesale distribution.

Victoria Anufrieva tries to help children with disabilities to prepare for adult life. In order to do this, she decided to establish an enterprise that will grow greenery for sale to the local people. She also plans to create a craft paste based on the juice of cultivated plants.

Now the inclusive enterprise has received indoor space and its founders have begun reparation. “When I came studying, I wanted to gain knowledge in the field of business. And during my studies, I learned a lot of new things. The program is well built, ”comments Victoria.

If you are inspired by the stories of our graduates, we invite you to register for the programs that begin at the Ukrainian Social Academy.