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Due to quarantine, most organizations have moved to remote work. From now on, office meetings have been replaced by online conferences, and open events have been replaced by webinars. But remote work can become a real challenge for a team that is used to working in the office. Read about how to work effectively from home in the material from the Ukrainian Social Academy.

Arrange a comfortable workplace

The more comfortable your working conditions are, the more motivated you will be in the process of completing further tasks. Your work area should be quiet, calm, with a comfortable chair and daylight. You should be able to work there without being distracted. And at the end of the working day leave all working issues there and go to rest.

Follow working hours

At home, people often start working more hours, but not always more productively. That is why you should keep track of working hours and try to keep up with the time allotted for work. Awareness of time constraints will allow you not to be distracted from non-working activities such as chats, social networks, watching news at work. So you don’t have to stay up all night trying to catch up with the work you didn’t have time for during the day.


Every night, write a list of tasks for the next day and set reminders to monitor their performance. The most effective way is to plan what you will be doing  at a certain time. For example, in the morning, make video calls, and in the afternoon do voluminous tasks that require concentration.

When you have completed a task, be sure to delete it from the list, as this will help increase intrinsic motivation.

Stay in touch

Your colleagues should be able to contact you as easily as they can just come to your office. Therefore, we recommend you to turn on the notification system on your phone from mail or work messengers in order to be able to respond quickly if an urgent question arises.

Use modern tools

Working chats. First of all, you will need a chat for the whole company. It is used for solving simple issues, fixing agreements, and making appointments. All employees of the company are in the chat.

Many Ukrainian companies use Telegram, but it is suitable for small teams only. For companies with more than 5 people, Slack or Microsoft Teams serve much better. They allow you to create groups for different occasions, on different topics and projects.

Software for video calls. To solve complex issues, chats are poorly adapted, it is worth organizing a video call. There is a lot of software on the market for video calls: Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, which have both free versions and paid offers with advanced functionality.

Your video camera should be on during calls, this significantly increases the speed of information transfer. Arrangements for calls are made via chat and recorded in the calendar, it is better to make them at about the same time.

For important calls, keep records.

Task scheduling tools. If you are used to setting tasks orally or in meetings, you will need project management software to manage remote commands. Trello, Asana, “Bitrix24” are some of the most popular.

They allow you to keep track of all tasks, monitor their performance and workload of each employee, communicate on projects and save all corresponding files.

Take time for yourself

Do some sports. During quarantine, doctors advise staying home, but this does not mean that you should stop any physical activity. During work, take 5-minute breaks. Walk around the apartment, do some exercises for the back and neck. We also recommend doing morning warm-ups, exercise sets can be easily found on YouTube.

Avoid social isolation. The main drawback of remote work is lack of communication and social isolatio. Now these problems are exacerbated, because quarantine workers cannot meet with friends after work. Fortunately, almost every modern device can help to solve this problem – you can have video chats with friends, watch movies or play games together.

Learn. It is time to read books and take online courses you did not have enough time for in the normal working mode.

For example, take a “From idea to business: pre-accelerator” online program from the Ukrainian Social Academy. This is an online program for the development of business ideas of social enterprises. Its methodology was developed by the Ukrainian Social Academy together with the University of Vienna (Austria) and Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley (USA).

The program is for you if:

• You want to start your own business but you do not have any idea;

• You have a great idea, but you don’t know what to start with;

• You have already started, but encountered some obstacles;

• You work in a social project and strive to make it financially independent

Maybe this is your chance to change your life and start your own business, which you have always dreamed of?

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