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How to do what you love and not depend on anyone? This is a question that worries many people now. The solution to this problem can be starting your own social business. Indeed, social entrepreneurship makes it possible not only to realize and work at one’s own pace in an accessible place, but also to contribute to the solution of a social problem.

On May 4, the Ukrainian Social Academy is launching a “Social Entrepreneurship: Inclusion” online course on the development of business ideas. It is developed according to the methods of the Vienna Business School (Austria) and the Center for Social Enterprise Development at the University of Santa Clara in Silicon Valley (USA).

Who is the program for?
• for people with disabilities who want to start their own business;
• for startup teams, including people with disabilities;
• for those who want to start a business that will change the quality of life of people with disabilities or other socially vulnerable groups;
• for representatives of public organizations working with people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups;

Start: May 4, 2020
The cost of participation in the online course is covered by the Renovabis Foundation.
Participants pay an organizational fee
Early birds 299 UAH. Standard 499 UAH.

More details about the online course

The Ukrainian Social Academy helps people and inspires them to implement the ideas of social change into a steadily growing business through educational courses and mentors who share their business experience.

The community was founded in 2010. The construction of the Temple began on March 20, 2015. The consecration and opening of the Temple took place on August 12, 2018. Currently, the Holy Service takes place in the Temple. The parish has about 85 families. Communities: Mothers in Prayer, Knights of Columbus, Living Rosary. The parish has a Sunday school, with the participation of the Redemptorist sisters, groups of children: preschoolers, a group of advanced catechesis, a group for the first communion, young people. The Holy Service takes place every day in the Church. The land plot of 22 acres is owned by the Church. Also our parish has a large number of children, about 50.

Our goal: to develop a center for children and youth, where we can acquire Christian and moral values. Also a psychological rehabilitation of children and youth with functional disabilities of Kamyanets-Podilsky, the main task of which is to restore and maintain the physical and psychological condition of children and youth with functional disabilities of children aged 7 to 18, create conditions for their full communication, organize activities helping children and young people with disabilities get successful rehabilitation and integrate into society.

There are five Greek Catholic Churches in the city. The total number is about 3000 parishioners. According to official data there are 29 school-age street children. The number of the socially vulnerable is 130 families, including 51 families of migrants from eastern Ukraine.

Over the last year we have conducted and performed:
1. Happy vacations with God were held once. One-week meetings (26 times) with children and youth. Spiritual themes, prayers, etc.
2. Awalking-tour to the mountains (Podilski Tovtry), Holy Liturgy in nature, rest, bonfire.
3. One-time actions: First Communion. St. Nicholas Day. Helping orphans in a boarding school. Christmas nativity scene (vertep). Visiting lonely people. Christmas candle. “Plant a tree” eco-project.
4. Fundraising for children with cancer. Regular. Once a quarter.
5. Sunday school. With the help of the sisters redemptorists who live in the parish. Catechesis is taught throughout the year.
6. Visiting lonely people for the purpose of useful and spiritual conversation.

There are also various schools in the city for children and youth: choreographic school, choir and music school, leisure facilities, sports clubs, football club, etc.

Why do we want to create our center?
There are several private centers in our city that provide educational and entertainment services to children and youth on a fee basis. But for most families, such services are too expensive. On vacations and weekends, children need organized leisure instead of hanging out on the streets. We, the religious community, try to involve the children of our district in productive, interesting leisure based on Christian values, moral and ethical principles. Young people and children of the district are becoming more and more united, taking an active part in church events, showing interest in the Christian educational activities of the church. More and more children are willing to participate in joint charity events, attend “Vacations with God”, catechesis, workshops on applied arts (iconography), take part in the organization of religious holidays. The religious community organizes various types of leisure activities for children. But the material and technical base does not fully satisfy the needs of children for activities. The community is expanding and the number of children in need of such educational services is growing.

A feature of our center: every day, for a voluntary donation, parents will be able to leave their children in our center for a few hours, during which the teacher and educator will work with the children. Therefore, there is a need to create a “Children’s Space” development sentre the activities of which will be aimed at creating an environment that combines the spiritual, educational, health, scientific, artistic and social spheres of development and activities of the personality.

The work of the centre will be aimed at providing psychological, socio-pedagogical, socio-medical and information services, and also promoting the development of creative abilities of children and youth with disabilities, as well as creating conditions for their full communication.

Creating conditions for holding events by renovating the premises and establishing a center for social and religious education of children and youth in the amount of 50 people, on the basis of the religious organization of Kamyanets-Podilsky town from August 2020 to August 2021.

The project children’s and youth space. A basement under the church of 120 square meters will serve as еhe premise of the parish center. Available: closed basement (windows, doors), water supply and electricity.

The implementation of the project involves the conducting of Christian educational activities on weekends, vacations, and every day throughout the year with the aim of organizing meaningful leisure for children and youth.
The following events are planned:

On weekends:
– Sunday school (conducting catechesis, workshops of applied arts, religious and patriotic education).
On state and religious holidays:
– Organization and conducting of festivals, fairs, theatrical performances, charity events.
– Easter egg-painting, making Candlemas candles, designing Christmas nativity scenes.

During the vacation period:
• “Under the Stars” cinema hall in summer and watching educational TV shows and movies in the autumn-spring period.
• Conducting sports and patriotic competitions.
• Organization and carrying out of educational excursions and trips.
• Organization of “Happy Vacations with God”, a summer Christian camp
• Conducting workshops.

Every day:
Meeting new people and classes according to the planned schedule.
In addition, coverage of the project in local media and social networks will promote Christian values and encourage children and youth to actively participate in these activities.

Our premises: a large hall, stage, toilet, dressing room, boiler room. The large hall will also have complex glass walls, which will form three classes. The approximate number of children who will be able to attend the center is 100 people at different times.

Since music education is modern for schoolchildren, we will therefore plan to form a teaching staff and open a music school.