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The Ukrainian social academy organized a strategic session for the Kiev-Zhytomyr diocese of Roman Catholic Church

During October 28 and 29, the team of the Ukrainian Social Academy worked together with the Kyiv-Zhytomyr Diocese of the RCC to highlight development priorities for the coming year and develop functional strategic directions.

For 2 days, the team worked on formulating strategic priorities for 2025, SMART goals for 2021, as well as planning operational activities for the coming year. Also, together with Natalia Bordun, founder of the Institute of Leadership and Management of the Ukrainian Catholic University and an expert in leadership and organizational development, conducted stakeholder and risk analysis, reviewed the organizational structure, mission and external vision.

World practice shows that most prosperous organizations talk about the strategic session as the most effective tool for defining strategic goals and developing a plan of tactical action to achieve the goals.

This means that the Diocese, with the help of the Ukrainian Social Academy, has not only highlighted its strategic goals, but also improved the daily process of achieving them, and thus serving God and people.

Counselling is a common practice for many western religious organizations.

In Ukraine, this type of service, which contributes to the development of civil society, has not yet become widespread and the only one and unique in this area is the   Ukrainian Social Academy project “PORADA”.

PORADA-  is a partnership project of the Ukrainian Social Academy, the marketing agency Aimbulance and the Renovabis Foundation. This is an emergency aid for NGOs, social entrepreneurs and religious organizations.

Therefore, if you have felt the effects of the crisis or understand that your organization needs a breath of fresh air or support – this project is for you.

The project is a competitive grant program of organizational development and mentoring.

You can learn more about the project and apply for participation at the link:

Recognizing a problem in a religious organization, seeking a solution through counselling, is a big step toward improvement and development on the path to serving others.