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Ukrainian Social Academy held several strategic sessions for religious organisations!

One of the priorities of the academy is to hold strategic sessions for religious organisations, as their development needs modern tools and practices of strategic development.

We held the first strategic session on May 24 and 25 for the Chernivtsi diocese. On the first day, the participants analyzed for whom and what key value the diocese can create, identified the stages of the strategy of pastoral and pastoral development, as well as found out what may be the barriers and opportunities along the way. On the second day, the participants talked about the essence and idea of ​​fundraising, the basics and rules of writing projects, after which the priests developed specific project proposals for the pastoral plan based on the work. Each of the areas of service presented their projects and plans.

Participants will then develop and implement a plan to improve work toward preaching, ministry, and property management.

The second strategic session was held on July 15-16 for priests of the Lutsk Exarchate of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Prior to its holding, we conducted a series of in-depth interviews, which helped to identify and reveal the needs of the client line for the formation of the value proposition of the Lutsk Exarchate of the UGCC. The study involved lay people – representatives of pastoral and financial parish councils, and the clergy – village priests, city priests and priests from regional centers.

Using the value planning tools Value Proposition Canvas and Customer Decision Map, the priests of the Lutsk Exarchate of the UGCC worked out the key challenges that were identified as a result of in-depth interviews, including:

• determined the situations in which people attend church and why they turn to the UGCC;
• analyzed how the frequency of church attendance has changed;
• explored what motivates people to attend church and what is remembered during attendance;
• learned where people get information about church life;
• recorded in which situations people turn to the priest, what is most memorable in conversation with him, in which situations people resort to prayer, which they feel when they attend church;
• identified the challenges that priests face in their daily, social ministry, organization of liturgical life, and interaction with parishioners.

Religious organizations of the UGCC and RCC developed their own strategic development plans and received consultations from leading experts.

Thanks to the understanding and practical application of innovative tools of development, religious organizations will be able to reach a new level and become self-sufficient.

Strategic sessions are held together with our partners: the advertising agency Aimbulance and the Renovabis Foundation within the project “Organisational Development of Religious Organisations”.