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The first module of the training program “Pastoral Management” held this September.

The program is specifically designed for the needs that arise during all life cycles of religious organizations: from personnel management and staff efficiency to building work system to attract funding and management of church property.

During the first module, participants, together with Fr. Dr Mykhailo Melnyk, talked about management styles in the context of the life cycle of the organization and the formation of a strategic idea.

In a workshop with Andriy Milinevsky, co-founder of CX design, an expert in customer experience management, they learned how to create products and services that customers and organizations will love.

Together with Roman Gavrish, co-founder of Aimbulance, they discussed what is the value proposition and what is the strategy behind achieving it.

Participants met at the Zoom Conference with Joachim Sauer, Head of projects from “Renovabis” foundation, to ask about the effective submission of grant applications. They also talked to Inna Makoterska, co-founder of the consulting company I + J and an expert in organizational design, about the introduction of changes and the formation of organizational culture.

“The real strategic idea sets the long-term pace of organization development. It allows you to grow faster and reduces the extra cost of resources and time “- says the director of the Ukrainian Social Academy and lecturer of the program, Fr. Dr Mikhail Melnik

The next module will focus on finance and fundraising. It will take place in October. Now we are rethinking and implementing the received knowledge and experience and preparing for a new learning phase.