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A new generation of social entrepreneurs: 3 educational programs on social entrepreneurship have been completed at the academy!

Another program has been completed at the academy – “Social Entrepreneurship: Youth”, aimed at improving the living conditions of socially disadvantaged people and supporting current social reforms and the transformation process. As part of the project, we successfully launched three training programs and held a conference on social entrepreneurship. And we want to tell you more about them.

The pre-accelerator of social entrepreneurship was the first training program in which the training was successfully completed.

Pre-accelerator of social entrepreneurship is an online program for the development of business ideas. Here, participants begin their acquaintance with practical tools for finding new business ideas, testing them, developing business models and prototypes.

This year’s course consisted of 7 training modules, which covered such topics as:
– introduction to social entrepreneurship;
– vision, mission, values ​​of the enterprise, value proposition;
– market research;
– target audience and validation of ideas;
– business model;
– MVP;
– startup presentation.

More than 300 participants have registered for the program! Each of them had a unique opportunity not only to gain knowledge on specific topics, but also to test their own ideas for viability, analyze the cases of successful social businesses and develop a strategy for starting your own social enterprise.

The Accelerator of Social Entrepreneurship is the second program we conducted within the framework of the project “Social Entrepreneurship: Youth”. This is an intensive business development program for social startups and existing social enterprises. It aims to help participants improve their products and services, pump up business and entrepreneurial competencies, scale and attract investment.

In the program, participants completed 5 modules, where they studied organizational design, marketing and sales, finance, team management, as well as investment and project defense. One of the most important components of the Accelerator program is working with mentors – key experts in the field of social entrepreneurship, who help participants to develop their ideas, improve business development strategies and take into account all the nuances of project launch. In addition to mentors, participants were accompanied by lecturers and teachers of the academy during the program.

Studying in the program provides a chance to receive investments from the Ukrainian Social Academy for the development of their own business. Among the 25 participants in this year’s program, 5 projects won the final pitching and received financial support.

In addition, more than 30 participants completed training in the Management of Social Innovation, a program for organizational development and social entrepreneurship for leaders of public and charitable organizations seeking to achieve both social mission and financial sustainability.

This year’s program lasted 4 months and contained 5 modules that covered various aspects of doing business, including strategy and diagnostics of the organization, social entrepreneurship, marketing and sales, finance and team management. As a final step of the program, participants defended their own projects and received feedback from the lecturers and the course team. =

Another important event was the Social Navigator 2021 conference on social entrepreneurship!

We connected its holding with the International Day of Social Business, which is celebrated annually at the end of June. The phenomenon of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine is becoming more widespread and interesting among various audiences. Over the past 5 years, many initiatives and organizations that develop social entrepreneurship have also appeared in Ukraine. Now it is important to talk about the formation of an ecosystem for the development of social business in Ukraine. That is why the theme of this year’s Social Navigator conference is: “Building an ecosystem of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine.”

At the conference we discussed the achievements and prospects for the development of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine, in particular:

⁃ opportunities for social entrepreneurship for community development;
⁃ opportunities for social entrepreneurship for social service of religious communities and organizations;
⁃ training in social entrepreneurship: opportunities and requests from the social entrepreneurs themselves;
⁃ financial and non-financial support for social entrepreneurs in Ukraine.

Inspired by such results, we continue, so follow the news of the academy!