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04.09 Проект

(Ua) Завершилась літня школа у Берліні

From August 21 to 27, 10 Ukrainian students and young researchers were able to take part in the International School “Reconciliation and Disagreement: Learning From History”, which took place in the walls of the Catholic Academy in Berlin (Germany), co-organized by the Ukrainian Social Academy.
During six days the participants had an opportunity to communicate with their Polish and German colleagues and discuss the issues of the past, the problems of the present and the challenges of the future. The program was full of interesting lectures and practical tasks, and most importantly, it gave all its participants the opportunity to express their views on the issues of German-Polish-Ukrainian relations and, in general, the concept of the European Union.
Among the teachers we should mention Claudia Weber from European University Viadrina, who provided a clear expert view of the concepts of collective historical memory. In addition, one of the invited teachers was UCU Vice President Miroslav Marinovich, who, on a personal example, told about the invincibility of the spirit, the ability to forgive and seek the truth among the fake. There was also a lecture on issues of European Union, subsidiarity and pragmatism that was read by Dr. Pavel Koval from the Institute of Political Studies, PAN Warsaw, and Professor Gezine Schwan, and the Humboldt-Viadrina Governance Platform. This lecture made everyone think about the actual European problems and the issue of “reloading the EU”. All this helped program participants better analyze and comprehend the five EU development scenarios that were presented.

Certainly, in addition to lectures and seminars, meetings were organized outside the walls of the Catholic Academy. For example, with the representative of the German Foreign Ministry Christoph Schweigmann, who devoted much attention in his speech to the Ukrainian issue in German politics. There was also an opportunity to visit the Museum “Topography of Terror,” which made it possible to take a look at the story from another angle – from the viewpoint of the photographer, from the point of view of the people represented in the photo, and where these photographs were found.
One of the best moments of teambuilding of all the participants was held by the Ukrainian team to celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine, during which virtually all barriers of communication – language, cultural and ideological – were eliminated. In addition, this school was an invaluable experience for Ukrainian participants to learn more about German and Polish youth, explore the importance of historical memory, and discover Berlin as a unique historical city and look at its development before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall.


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