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04.06 Суми


The last module of the School of Social Entrepreneurship in Sumy was completed, where participants gained a great base of knowledge on the effective staff management.

During the first day participants had a chance to get to know Sergyi Leonov, who defined a «team», shared the ideas on the process of it’s creation and formation. Moreover he explained how to respond to conflict situations and to resist all forms of manipulations within the team.

A visual simulation of the team work was a useful practical tool for the participants of the School, as it helped to set the right priorities in achieving goals and understand which team roles are the most suitable for them.

In the evening of the first day the participants of the School got a great source of motivation based on the shared experience in staff management from the co-owner of several local restaurants Kostiantyn Golius.

The next day Sergiy Leonov conducted a workshop on time management and helped participants to master the tools for personal effectiveness.

«The School of Social Entrepreneurship initiated by the Ukrainian Social Academy is an opportunity to create a space for communication between entrepreneurs of different types with different experiences, but with one common feature – the desire to influence the life of the community. I am very pleased to be involved in the development of new social business projects in Sumy, Poltava, Putyvli. I believe that each of the participants in the School will change their life and lives of others for the better» , – shares her impressions Anna Shvindina, trainer of the fifth module.

The School of Social Entrepreneurship is an intensive five-month program for developing the ideas and launching them on an early stage. The idea of the School, which is supported by the Ukrainian Social Academy, consists in creating new business projects from the very beginning and introducing innovative approaches for the work of already existing companies. The study process lies in interactive teaching methods and includes real cases, workshops given by invited presenters, situational exercises based on the successful experience of Ukrainian social entrepreneurs.

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