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Professional Skills Workshops

For students

Building professional skills and engaging in life-long learning is important for career success and advancement. We periodically open a few seats in our short skill-building workshops for people outside of our core audience to participate in.

We encourage others through our initiatives to break the existing paradigms, develop concepts for alternative actions and provide platforms for cross-border exchanges. Thus, we create space for alternative thinking, creating diversity in economy, ecology, society and culture and taking responsibility.

The Initiative regularly gathers young (under 40) to explore links between their faith, Christian Social Thought and their work on public policy. These unique sessions include dialogue on key issues and personal stories about faith and social life from different respected leaders. They also offer valuable opportunities for networking.

For Organization

To enable the ongoing professional development and life-long learning of people inside institutions, we offer customized training programs for leading foundations, educational institutions, NGOs and corporations in a number of topics critical to professional success in the 21st century.

Online learning resource

The goal we are pursuing is to help participants discover the Social Ethics in an agile and scientifically rigorous way, that fosters robust networks and professional exchanges among a broad group of Ukrainian changemakers.

The topics of the courses are aimed at the personal development and fulfillment of the potential, entrepreneurship as a mechanism for a qualified development of the community and society, understanding and building of an open society and its formation in Ukraine.

The program provides a unique space for collaborative learning and engagement.

The realization of these courses takes place in partnership with VUM online.