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International Summer Leadership Academy

We see our role in forming consciousness of Faithful Citizenship and supporting civic education in helping Ukraine survive and succeed, in order to promote understanding and dialogue around the positive vision of Christian Social Thought and to educate and encourage new leaders to share their contribution to the common good.

The goal:

  • The overall goal of the Summer Academy is to promote the education of a new generation of leaders and engage a broad dialogue about the Christian Social Tradition across a wide range of contemporary policy challenges.
  • The specific goal is to provide leadership skills for democracy building and intercultural and interreligious tolerance in a socially diverse context to foster dialogue and encourage mutual understanding between people of different backgrounds. Also creating positive conditions for cooperation in finding solutions to essential problems of the society.
  • Encouraged by professors and supported by the team of USA, students test their knowledge through practical application – in Summer Academy with fellow students from all regions of Ukraine, and from other countries.
  • During Summer Academy students do more than just wrestle with big ideas – they bring them to life by putting them to use, embracing a practical approach to education. By connecting their studies to actual problems, students develop the skills, experiences, and inclination to thrive in a world that needs innovative leadership.