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Ukrainian Social Academy: the results of big changes

The result is not how much time you work, but the outcome. Ukrainian Social Academy measures its results on the number of successful projects, and the number of people who have acquired new knowledge and skills and, accordingly, have a positive impact on society.

2017 was active in events, internal transformation and development. Behind 5 large-scale projects, many short workshops, several international schools, hundreds of people who have gained invaluable experience and useful knowledge. There were many hours of hard work, sharp discussions, hundreds of roundabouts, dialed telephone numbers, thousands of written letters, and many books that have been read. Everyone teaches us to grow, to group people, to find great projects, to inspire others not to give up.

When the goal is “to change the world”, any effort will be worth pursuing.

During 2017, there were many projects in which participants learned how to bring about positive changes in society, to implement social innovation in their activities, to use effective tools for the development of their organizations.

The largest project of the Ukrainian Social Academy was the Social Entrepreneurship Program.

In 2017 it was held in 6 cities of Ukraine: Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk, Sumy, Mariupol, Ternopil and in Kyiv. At the Program, people who had the idea of social entrepreneurship have learned to implement it in practice. The pSocial Entrepreneurship Program attracted more than 200 participants and about hundreds of experts. The result of the training is 89 projects developed, 10 winners who received special prizes, and four of them will go to the Forum in Germany.

Most of the projects are ready to solve social problems in their cities. Some of them are already working successfully.
For anyone already working in business or public organizations, USA created organizational development program to help participants implement social innovation in their organizations.

The first such program was the Social Engineer School , which has now been transformed into Social Innovation Management. The school consisting of 10 modules was held in Kyiv, with its participants 22 young leaders who worked on the development of 11 projects.

The Social Innovation Management program began in November. Two modules already took place in 2017. There are 3 modules ahead and Demo Day, where the participants will present the strategies developed by their organizations.

During this year the Ukrainian Social Academy joined the organization of several international projects. In particular, together with the German foundation Starkmacher we participated in the organization of an international youth exchanges project for the development of social entrepreneurship “Future Lab”. The project envisages 3 international meetings in different countries. Already there were 2 of them. The first – in Croatia in August this year, which attracted 5 participants from Ukraine. The next meeting was in Kyiv, in which some 30 young people from Croatia, Bulgaria, Germany and Serbia and Ukraine took part.

USA also became the co-organizer of the international school in Berlin: “Reconciliation and Disagreement: Learning From History.” Within six days 10 participants from Ukraine had an opportunity to communicate with their Polish and German colleagues, discuss the issues of the past, the problems of the present and the challenges of the future.

Equally important activities are forums, round tables and panel discussions. The main purpose of such events is to bring democratic values to the activities of various organizations, to form a civil society. In particular, in July, the Social Business Day was organized in order to attract attention to social entrepreneurship in Ukraine as an effective tool for solving social problems.

As Leonardo da Vinci said, “learning never exhausts the mind,” the harder we learn, the more creative and efficient our work becomes, we  use new ideas and innovative solutions. Therefore, the Ukrainian Social Academy teaches people how to conduct high-quality business, implement social innovations in their organizations, and build an active civil society.

There is still a lot of work ahead, interesting projects, and ambitious opportunities.

Join us!

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