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07.05 Тернопіль школа соціального підприємництва


On the 4-5th of May the third module of the School of Social Entrepreneurship was held. Ukrainian Social Academy could provide a great productive weekend for our regional participants from Ternopil.

The participants got handful pack of practical knowledge in the field of financial management. Within two days they mastered the key rules of entrepreneurship work and discussed the models of planning their enterprise in a competitive environment.

Particular attention was paid to the specifics of the taxation of the company and the legal form of its registration. During the course participants got the clear understanding of the importance of creating a well-thought business plan that takes into account already existing competitors and puts possible risks.

Analysis of tax legislation in Ukraine showed that at the current stage social entrepreneurship does not have any special tax privileges, therefore, each social entrepreneur is responsible for connecting like-minded people and protecting personal interests at the legislative level.

During the next part of the module the legislative part was discussed and we came to the conclusion that the most optimal form for the registration of an enterprise is private entrepreneur. However for the projects that are focusing on the further work with grants registration of the limited liability company would be the best one.

«Now I know exactly what I am to do and what steps should I take for achieving the aim,» shared her impressions one of the participants of the module.

The School of Social Entrepreneurship will continue its work during May and June. At the final stage, the participants will present their ideas as a concrete project of a social enterprise and will be able to present them to potencial investors.

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