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SE Pre-accelerator

SE Pre-accelerator

Is an online program for development of ideas in the field of alleviation of poverty and youth unemployment, as well as project launch at an early stage

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About the program


to provide participants who start with the idea of ​​social entrepreneurship, basic business competencies necessary for creation and development of their own social start-up. This program will give an understanding that any idea deserves existing if it has been worked on well.

Target audience:

people who dream of putting their idea into practice, have entrepreneurial skills and see their professional development in the field of social entrepreneurship;
those who have created their own project, but lack knowledge of where to move further
those who want to create a team of specialists in the field of social entrepreneurship

Program structure

Module 1:

Introduction to social entrepreneurship

Module 2:

Search for business ideas, market analysis and idea testing

Module 3:

Validation of ideas according to lean-methods

Module 4:

Business modelling for new projects

Module 5:

Marketing. Sales Customer retention

Module 6:


Module 7:

How to search and form a team of a groundbreaking project?

Module 8:

Measurement of social impact

Demo Days

One-day intensive, where participants master additional skills of public speaking, receive a charge of motivation from our graduates and experts, are able to successfully defend their projects during a pitch and move up to accelerator.

Program advantages

(Ua) Учасники отримають :

Program advantages

3-month online program;

Under the pre-accelerator program we teach students to test their social ideas for viability in market conditions, to create prototypes and test them with users, and most importantly, to sell solutions to customers’ problems.

Program advantages

up to 20 hours of mentorship on request;

You will not be alone along the way. Mentors of the Ukrainian Social Academy will work with you throughout the program, so that your efforts give a visible result.

Program advantages

possibility to pass for accelerator;

After completing the program you will have a working prototype that allows you getting to the next level – 6-month accelerator, during which a prototype can be transformed into a promising business.

Program advantages

40+ hours of total theory and practice.

The program will also help form entrepreneurial logic, a type of thinking, with which you can launch your start-up in the shortest possible time.

How to join the program?


Fill in the application form

First of all, teams that have ideas and are open to new things will be considered.


Motivation letter



In-person or via Skype for candidates from other towns

Lecturers and mentors

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Iryna Titarenko
Iryna Titarenko

Nonprofit Communications Specialist, Director of...

Oleksandr Babiy
Oleksandr Babiy

Expert in the development and implementation of SME support programs. Executive Director of the Sustainable Business...

Anna Mazur
Anna Mazur

Founder and CEO of Professional Development Platform Happy Monday, as well as the author of the MakeMeBetter...

Petro Darmoris
Petro Darmoris

Executive Director of the Ukrainian Social Academy, Visiting Lecturer at UCU, Head of the UGCC Corruption Center....

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for candidates

availability of an idea of a social enterprise;

clear understanding of what issue it will deal with;

willingness to study and continue to study under the accelerator program.


To join the program

apply and interview