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SE Accelerator:

SE Accelerator:

The program teaches entrepreneurship aimed not only at profit, but also at solving social issues. Participants get acquainted with the experience of social entrepreneurship; develop skills in organizing team work, learn to develop and manage social and entrepreneurial projects.

Comprehensive mini MBA training.


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About the program


To teach leaders of social enterprises avoiding common mistakes and creating a strong foundation for achieving sustainable financial success at all stages of the enterprise life cycle.

Target audience:

- those who have successfully completed pre-accelerator training program;

- social startuppers who already have a prototype and business plan of their enterprise;

- those who want to gain additional knowledge and mentor support for their social enterprise.

Your purpose of training:

to realize a product for 6 months with the help of mentors and teachers of the USA and your utmost efforts as a team.

Program structure

Module 1:

Business as a System

  • Estimation of the potential capacity of your own start-up
  • Product concept testing
  • MVP development and testing
  • Organizational culture of an enterprise
Module 2:

Team in Social Entrepreneurship

  • Who should be in a team
  • The motivation of a team
  • Business and HR strategy: how to agree with this.
Module 3:

Front Office

  • Creating a brand
  • Marketing strategy: tactics and tools
  • PR and communications
Module 4:

Back Office

  • Financial model
  • Creating a sales department
  • Legal issues
Module 5:


  • Internal and external challenges in business development
  • Development planning / SE scaling
  • Relations with investors
  • Investment presentation

Program advantages

What you receive:

Program advantages

dynamic 5-month program;

Program advantages

500+ hours of work: theory and practice;

Program advantages

USA investments and other investors’ offers;

Program advantages

P2P mentorship for each team from key industry experts (20+ mentors);

Program advantages

consultations with the team of the Ukrainian Social Academy;

Program advantages

much of independent work “in the fields” with customers and users of your products;

Program advantages

meetings dedicated to reporting on objective achievement;

Program advantages

last week – preparation and final presentation of a prototype and teams’ results to potential investors at Demoday.

How to join the program?


Fill in the registration form

To become a resident of the accelerator you need to fill out an application form. First of all, teams that have a working prototype of a social product will be considered. Also, teams that have successfully passed the pre-accelerator program can participate.


Motivation letter



In-person or online for candidates from other towns.

Lecturers and mentors

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Iryna Titarenko
Iryna Titarenko

Nonprofit Communications Specialist, Director of...

Oleksandr Babiy
Oleksandr Babiy

Expert in the development and implementation of SME support programs. Executive Director of the Sustainable Business...

Anna Mazur
Anna Mazur

Founder and CEO of Professional Development Platform Happy Monday, as well as the author of the MakeMeBetter...

Petro Darmoris
Petro Darmoris

Executive Director of the Ukrainian Social...

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for candidates

availability of a prototype and business plan of your social enterprise;

readiness for intensive work;

successful completion of the pre-accelerator program would be candidate’s advantage.


To join the program

apply and interview