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05.02 Програма Стаття

(Ua) Social Impact Award: проекти, які змінюють світ на краще

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Програма Стаття 05.02.18
Стаття 30.12.17
Ukrainian Social Academy: the results of big changes

The result is not how much time you work, but the outcome. Ukrainian Social Academy measures its results on the number of successful projects, and the number of people who have acquired new knowledge and skills and, accordingly, have a positive impact on society. 2017 was active in events, internal transformation and development. Behind 5 large-scale projects, many short workshops, several international schools, hundreds of people who have gained invaluable experience and useful knowledge. There were many hours of hard work, sharp discussions, hundreds of roundabouts, dialed telephone numbers, thousands of written letters, and many books that have been read. Everyone ...

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