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Social Ethics and Leadership

Social Ethics and Leadership

a training program on the development of leadership based on ethical values ​​and principles of Christian social doctrine. The program forms a value portrait of an ethical leader and provides to participants tools for making complex decisions.

22.11.2019 Start
21000uah (without VAT) early registration (till11.10.2019)
25000uah (without VAT) price
5 mounthduration
20 placesgroup
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About the program


to form a new generation of leaders in various spheres of social life through learning the social doctrine of the Church, Ukrainian and world experience, communicating with leading specialists, creating a network of active people.

Program target audience:

young people who have an active civil position
those who are ready to or implements projects that solve problems of society and have a positive impact
those wishing to acquaint themselves thoroughly with the Christian social doctrine.

Training format:

two days: Friday from 10:00 to 18:00, Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00 once a month.

Cost of education:

21000 UAH (without VAT) - early registration
25000 UAH (without VAT)

Program structure

Module 1:

 Ethics and Leadership

  • Why the leader needs ethics
  • The system of leader’s values ​​and virtues
  • Leader styles
  • Principles of Christian social doctrine (CSD) and their importance to leadership
Module 2:

 Individual and Team Leadership

  • Personal development and effectiveness
  • Personal mission and motives
  • How to be a leader for a team and develop it
  • How to create a dream team
Module 3:

Organizational Leadership: Power and Politics

  • Major political institutions and processes in Ukraine
  • Power and its influence
  • Ethics and politics in the context of Christian social doctrine
  • Leadership in politics: tactics of influence
Module 4:

Organizational Leadership: Economics and Business

  • How economics works
  • Ethics and economics within the framework of CSD
  • Vocation of business leader
  • Social entrepreneurship: business for the sake of social influence
Module 5:

Leadership and Organizational Culture

  • Leadership and management
  • Corporate culture: why it should be based on values
  • Influence of a leader on formation of organizational culture
  • Human-oriented management

Program advantages

Program advantages

interdisciplinarity; as we teach leadership through a prism of Christian social doctrine, political science, business administration, economics, international relations and project management;

Program advantages

lectures by leading Ukrainian and foreign experts;

Program advantages

mastering theory through practical cases;

Program advantages

your own project and tools for effective management and implementation of changes in your organization.

How to join the program?


Fill in the registration form

After filling out the registration form, the program manager will contact you.


Pass an interview

An interview shall be passed by participants to understand the main candidate’s study motivation, his/her expectations of the program, ability to work in a team with other program participants

Lecturers and mentors

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Yaroslava Loianych
Yaroslava Loianych

Invited USA teacher. Human Capital Leader at Kyiv Mohyla Business School (kmbs), kmbs teacher, practitioner...

Olha Shcherbyna
Olha Shcherbyna

Invited USA teacher. Teacher of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School...

Maryna Saprykina
Maryna Saprykina

Invited USA teacher. Head of Expert Organization Center for CSR...

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To join the program

apply and interview

Kyrylo Kulakovskyi

Contact person

Kyrylo Kulakovskyi

program manager

+38097 137 6382