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Social Entrepreneurship Program

It’s a unique educational project for young individuals that aims to develop entrepreneurial skills and support new innovative business projects, focused on solving crucial social issues. The program offers practical knowledge and skills necessary for creating and managing personal business.



We act as a catalyst for positive social change in Ukrainian society, contributing to the development of social entrepreneurship by supporting start-ups and enterprises whose activities are aimed at solving problems of the society.
Developing social entrepreneurship and acting as a social enterprise, the Ukrainian Social Academy is working to find the most promising innovative ideas and projects, their effective implementation in practice, as well as the adaptation of Western approach to social entrepreneurship to Ukrainian conditions.

autumn 2017 2 months


Program benefits

Testing the key project hypotheses

with a possibility to get immediate feedback (you will understand your product, client, strategy of marketing better).

Enlargement of your partnership circle

and even project team thanks to the new contacts and positioning of your business.

Personal approach

The program foresees interactive format and flexible schedule for participants.

Applied project management

During the program participants testing own business ideas, create the first prototypes and test them with regular evaluation and feedbacks.

It’s your path,

because here you will get not only the theory, but practical skills for improving your project.

Possibilities for fundraising

The authors of the better business projects might pretend on getting the investment for their startups.

This is a program for Program Structure Curriculum How to become a participant? Requirements for candidates

This is a program for


in social project


to start own profitable project


who start new non-profit or profitable project in social sphere with own team


who have an idea to change the world and make it better


who do not have own ideas, but who are full of energy and desire to become the part of team

Program Structure

  • 5 educational strategic modules

  • Modules/intensive trainings in Ukrainian regions

  • Working and defense of personal business project


The educational is based on interactive methods and foresees scrutinizing real cases, master-classes and lectures of famous speakers, situational cases based on reals experiences of Ukrainian entrepreneurs and studying of innovative methods in business decision making. Besides the modern learning methods and strong practical components, program foresees studying the innovative methods in project management, focused on effective solution of particular problems of each enterprise.

As a result, the program ends with creation of completely new business project or implementation of innovative approaches in existing ones.

  • Module 1:

Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • Module 2:

Designing an Effective Social Business Model

  • Module 3:

Finances and Business Planning in Social Entrepreneurship

  • Module 4:

Marketing and Model of Social Impact

  • Module 5:

Demo Day

How to become a participant?

To become the School of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship participant, you need to read the requirements for candidates listed below and them fill and submit the application form, where you should briefly describe your idea for new social business project or mission of your existing one. The selected participants will be invited to an interview (whether personally or in other suitable way) to understand your ideas more deeply, hear your motivation and your expectation from the program.

Selected participants after the second round will be informed about their enrollment at the program and receive all the necessary information and all the educational materials.

Requirements for candidates

  • University student;
  • B2 or higher level in English;
  • Aiming of personal and professional development;
  • High moral standards, integrity and maturity;
  • Being flexible and open to a new experience and communication.


Mykhaylo Melnyk Academic Director, Operations Executive
Anna Uvarova co-founder of Charity store 'Laska'
Svitlana Pugach CEO of ICF "Tabletochki"
Glib Buriak Business Development Director, Operations Executive
Kateryna Dunaeva Founder of the content agency T-REX and school of copywriting and SMM
Petro Darmoris Director of Executive Education programs
Віталія Коніщук T&D Specialist у 1+1 media, координатор проекту «Вищої Школи Media&Production»

Contact person

Ivanna Bed Program Manager
Tel. +38 068 931 01 21
autumn 2017 2 months


of previous participants