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Leadership is not only a set of effective skills, the ability to manage processes and people.

Responsible leadership is, among other things, about the value orientations in goal achieving, about the ethics of interaction with people.

This program is about the ethical side of leadership. We are looking for young people with a proactive life position, leadership potential, willingness and readiness to make positive transformations, for which ethics in leadership is the same integral part of it as professional skills and the presence of a vision.



The development of ethically oriented leaders through learning, studying Ukrainian and world experience, communicating with leading specialists, creating a network of active people.

October 6, 2018 8 months

10 000 UAH (early birds before September 15 - 9 500 UAH)

Scholarships from Ukrainian Social Academy: 25% and 50% of the price

Program benefits

Theory & Examples

An interdisciplinary view of ethics in leadership. Best examples of its use.

Project of Changes

The opportunity to become a leader of changes: acquiring knowledge and skills, finding supporters, implementing own Project of Changes.

Study tours

Getting acquainted with Ukrainian and foreign examples of leadership based on ethics.

 Scholarships and grants

Possibility to receive coverage of 25% or 50% of the cost of the program, as well as a grant for the implementation of the Project of Changes or case study.

For whom Curriculum How to become a participant? Requirements for candidates

The leader for us is …


An educated, brave, holistic personality, guided by humanism, moral virtues and a system of values. Honest with himself and others. Thinks critically, is open to new, tolerant to another.



Has a vision of what and how wants to achieve. Understands the context of the time. Without rejecting the past, focuses on the future.

Able to dream and does not lose this property even when his hands fall. In times of failure, retains joy and positive thinking as an internal state, a hope of achieving the goal.


Proficient communicator

Able not only to communicate own thoughts – can listen to other people and hear them – not only their words, but also the meanings they are trying to convey. The leader influences others and communicates his thoughts without manipulation and communicates at the level of who he is communicating with.

Able to accept criticism, acknowledges mistakes and works on them.


Community member

Able to create a community and be part of it. Community interests for the leader are higher than their personal. Leader is able and ready to serve others.

Being attentive to other people, able to empathize and share. Co-responsible for what creates with other people.


Person of action

The leader is always restless – he wants to create and change. He is a creative personality, capable of creating a new one and co-operating with others.

Able to make decisions, including in difficult situations, that’s why has a readiness for risks. Will be responsible for their decisions and actions, as well as for the people with whom they work.

His actions are meaningful, systematic and consistent. Works in the framework of professional ethics.


Components of the program


Interdisciplinary theoretical part

Leadership, values, ethics and morals from the point of view of philosophy, sociology, economics, political science.



Meetings with representatives of business, public sector, political environment etc., which are examples of leadership based on ethics.


Educational tours

Study trips within Ukraine and European countries for studying experience and successful practices.


Intensive “Leader’s Skills”

Practical intensive to develop tools required for the leader.


Project of Changes: from idea to implementation

During the training, participants will be able to work on their own Project of Changes or research in three areas:

  • social: social service, social work,
  • administrative: the mobilization of local communities,
  • cultural: cultural and educational transformations.

At the end of the study, the best Projects of Changes and researches will receive grant support for implementation.


How to become a participant?Enrollment and payment

Phase I

Fill in the questionnaire

Send to

  • a motivational letter (up to 1000 characters without spaces),
  • CV.

Optional – send an essay in a free form on the topic “What values a leader should be guided by?” (up to 1000 characters without spaces). The essay is not compulsory, but it may have an impact on admission to a program or scholarship.

Deadline for the application is September 30, 2018.


Phase II

Interview with curators of the program.


The full cost of the program is 10 000 UAH.

When registering for the program by September 15 – 9 500 UAH.


Applicants can take part in a competition for a scholarship from Ukrainian Social Academy, which covers 25% or 50% of the cost of the program on the registration day.

The main criterion will be the motivation of applicants, which will be determined on the basis of a completed questionnaire, a motivational letter and an essay (optional). An additional criterion will be the professional and educational background.

European study-tour

Study trip to European countries is optional. To participate in it, the program participant pays an organization fee of 300 EUR.

Requirements for candidates

  •  youth representatives – 18-35 years old,
  • proactive life position,
  • readiness to be an agent of positive transformations,
  • leadership experience and/or potential,
  • accommodation in Kyiv or opportunity to get to the classes approximately twice a month,
  • English proficiency,
  • international passport.

Contact person

Heorhii Arabuli Program Manager
Tel.: +38 068 931 01 21 
October 6, 2018 8 months

10 000 UAH (early birds before September 15 - 9 500 UAH)

Scholarships from Ukrainian Social Academy: 25% and 50% of the price

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