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Social Entrepreneurship Program

Social Entrepreneurship Program It’s a unique educational project for young individuals that aims to develop entrepreneurial skills and support new innovative business projects, focused on solving crucial social issues. The program offers practical knowledge and skills necessary for creating and managing personal business.   Mission: We act as a catalyst for positive social change in Ukrainian society, contributing to the development of social entrepreneurship by supporting start-ups and enterprises whose activities are aimed at solving problems of the society. Developing social entrepreneurship and acting as a social enterprise, the Ukrainian Social Academy is working to find the most promising innovative ideas and projects, their effective implementation ...

Social Innovation Management

Social Innovation Management Is an intensive acceleration program, based on the crossroads of Sociology, Project Management, and Social Innovations that allows to evaluate effectiveness of existing social projects and to create the new ones, elaborate step-by-step planes for their implementation and make them stable. This is a practical course oriented on those who wants to become an innovative and ‘impact’ manager in the Non-Profit sector and Social Innovation.   Our mission: Our mission is to train the architects of social changes, being able to scrutinize the signs of times, find solutions and make the visible impact in society. We aim to train social innovation ...