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Програма школа соціального підприємництва 10 characteristics of the Summer School of Ukrainian Social Academy: the results of the completed work

The Summer School of Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship within the Incubation Program conducted by Ukrainian Social Academy is over. The whole week youth from all over the country was working on improving the ideas of their social projects. This year, the finalists of the first stage of the international contest Social Impact Award and alumni of other programs of the Ukrainian Social Academy became the participants of the Summer School. We summed up the results of the summer school and got the key messages about the benefits that our participants got. 1. The Summer School of Innovations ...

Young innovators from across the country will work over next 3 months on launching their social businesses

Ukrainian Social Academy is starting a summer incubation program for the development and support of social entrepreneurship. Successful alumni of academy’s educational programs along with young innovators and the best experts in Ukraine in the field of marketing, communication, HR, finance and project management will work together in order to achieve an ultimate goal of starting their own business. The 3-month incubation program is aimed at creating an individual plan for project development, expert-mentoring support and building a community of leaders in the social sphere. This year the opportunity to complete the incubation program got the winners of educational programs conducted ...

Програма школа соціального підприємництва ALL-UKRAINIAN FORUM “DAY OF A SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR»

On June 26, Ukrainian Social Academy hosted the All-Ukrainian forum  «Social Entrepreneur’s Day» dedicated to the International Social Business Day. Many representatives of the public sector of Ukraine, social entrepreneurs, activists and all non-indifferent citizens who share the values of conducting social business came to the mentioned event. The meeting was held in the format of public speeches and panel discussions, which enabled to build a quality dialogue between representatives of various sectors of society and served as a platform for discussing the realities and prospects of the development of social entrepreneurship. The director of the Ukrainian Social Academy Mykhailo Melnyk started ...

Тернопіль школа соціального підприємництва DEMODAY / SCHOOL OF SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN TERNOPIL

On June 22, students from the School of Social Entrepreneurship in Ternopil completed their studies and presented business projects. During 5 months they’ve been working hard and it got a great impact not only for developing of  entrepreneurship skills, but also for creating truly innovating and profitable business cases. Oleksandr Babiy gave a great lecture on public speaking and self-presentation. Later finalists successfully presented their ideas to the jury members and interested guests. Different kinds of social entrepreneurship were presented, among them traditional ones such as a charity clothes shop or cafeteria and some non-standard cases – social HR agency or ...


The International Social Impact Award Contest is a platform for the implementation of community initiatives and the creation of a progressive community. We have teamed up young like-minded people who are determined to solve acute social problems and make Ukraine a better place. On Saturday, June 23, at the informal meeting “Networking Party», all the participants of the SIA contest had an opportunity to get acquainted with each other and learn more about other ideas. In general, the projects cover a wide range of activities aimed at solving environmental issues, introducing alternative and interactive education, creating cultural centers and centers for ...