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Young innovators from across the country will work over next 3 months on launching their social businesses

Ukrainian Social Academy is starting a summer incubation program for the development and support of social entrepreneurship. Successful alumni of academy’s educational programs along with young innovators and the best experts in Ukraine in the field of marketing, communication, HR, finance and project management will work together in order to achieve an ultimate goal of starting their own business.

The 3-month incubation program is aimed at creating an individual plan for project development, expert-mentoring support and building a community of leaders in the social sphere. This year the opportunity to complete the incubation program got the winners of educational programs conducted by Ukrainian Social Academy, as well as 15 finalists of the international contest Social Impact Award, that has been introduced for the first time in Ukraine. All together participants are planned to work on launching their businesses. The program is based on innovative teaching methods, business games and individual work with mentors.

Summer School of Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship will be the first stage of the incubation program. In one week all the participants are going to listen to dozen of lectures conducted by the experts in certain spheres, take part in practical activities and join teamwork on own business cases. The curriculum focuses on the utility and relevance of the information that participants will receive. The intensive training is aimed to give the understanding of:
– how to create an effective selles process for building a competitive edge;
– how to use marketing communication tools to attract and retain customers;
– how to successfully position a brand on the market;
– how to make business profitable;
– how to manage business processes and organize effective work;
– how to build effective team communication;

The feature of the Summer School of Innovations consists in not only gaining theoretical and practical skills, but also in receiving an expert evaluation of the projects. Each participant will be able to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of their products, and most importantly – they will have time to improve them.

Later young entrepreneurs will get an individual mentor, that will help them to reach an ultimate goal – start own business. The idea of this incubation program is to promote the development of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine, namely to support young people in launching their social business and to establish networking among the participants and trainers. We are aiming to give a clear understanding to young entrepreneurs that their own motivation is the main engine to succeed, and such things as support and knowledge can be easily obtained anytime. It is extremely important for us to see how ideas turn into actions and projects into existing social enterprises that are aimed at solving certain social problems.

If you are the one who is eager to start a social enterprise, who has an idea and looks for the ways if its implementation or you want to join a team of like-minded people that seek to make this country a better place, Ukrainian Social Academy is ready to make your dream come true. Just don’t forget to:
– subscribe to Facebook pages ,;
– monitor the upcoming events and deadlines;
– join our educational programs.

Let’s start creating the history of social entrepreneurship today!

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