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12.06 Тернопіль


On the 15th of June in the youth center «Ternopil» (which is located on Y. Slipogo street 3) from 10.00 till 17.00 there will be held a mentorship day. We will be taking stocks of our work completed during the School of Social Entrepreneurship.

Together with the experts the participants of the School of Social Entrepreneurship will have an opportunity to discuss their presented projects on social entrepreneurship.

Expert group members:

1.         Ivanna Bed – coordinator of the School of Social Entrepreneurship, Ukrainian Social Academy;

2.         Olena Deyneka – business coach, marketer;

3.         Oleksandra Ovsianuik-Berdianina – associate professor of Economics in Ternopil National Economic University;

Iryna Yurkevich – professor of Ternopil National Economic University, Director of Legal Clinic.