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CUP – Countering Unemployment Plague

The project CUP – Countering Unemployment Plague aims to build up a coherent and comprehensive approach to reap the benefits and address the challenges deriving both from migration and youth unemployment. The partnership of this project reflected on how to tackle these challenges by combining outstanding networks of socially responsible small and medium enterprises and associations active in youth work and in the integration of migrants, in two main contexts: youth entrepreneurship and professional expertise in the field of coffee.
The objectives of the project are:

  • To implement concrete initiatives aimed at facilitating the access to work of migrants and unemployed youth, in particular through inter alia labour market information, language and vocational training, skills assessment, information on recognition of qualifications and contact with potential employers in the coffee industry;
  • To identify examples of and contribute to the role migrants entrepreneurs can play to foster integration
  • To provide youth workers with professional and innovative competences by creating new models of education and training, with particular attention to new practical skills and experiences for their professional toolkit, personal understanding of their own leadership journey, and the global networks necessary for long-term career success
  • To create and develop better European and international networks in the coffee world, providing opportunities for cooperation among stakeholders and the exchange and transfer of knowledge and know-how in different areas;
  • To improve the quality and recognition of youth work and non-formal learning and enhance synergies and complementarities with other education systems and most of all with the labor market.

The project foresees the following activities:

Mobility of Youth Workers in Hungary, Budapest. Dates: 12-16 June 2017.
Mobility of Youth Workers in Italy, Milan. Dates: 21-27 October 2017.
Mobility of Youth Workers in Germany, Mannheim. Dates: 20-24 March 2018.
Mobility of Youth Workers in Ukraine, Kiev. Dates: 15-19 September 2018.

Milan, Italy 21 жовтня, 2017 - 27 жовтня, 2017 usd

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