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16.06 Суми


On June 15, students from the School of Social Entrepreneurship in Sumy completed their studies and presented business projects. During 5 months they’ve been working hard and it got a great impact not only for developing of  entrepreneurship skills, but also for creating truly innovating and profitable business cases.

Oleksandr Babiy gave a great lecture on public speaking and self-presentation. Later finalists successfully presented their ideas to the jury members and interested guests. Different kinds of social entrepreneurship were presented, among them traditional ones such as a charity clothes shop or cafeteria and some non-standard ideas – a municipal marketing agency or an inclusive private kindergarten.

All the projects are aimed at solving a certain social problem basing on a potential business plan. Each participant got useful pieces of advice from jury members that will help to strengthen some weak sides.

After the presentation of projects, the jury selected three best ideas that got the prize from the Ukrainian Social Academy:

Olga Kovalevskaya, the founder of the Sumy Art Souvenirs project received a certificate for 10 hours of mentorship. We hope that such opportunity will give Olga the strength to implement a project aimed at restoration of Sumy sugar factories and returning the status of «sugar capital» to the city.

Maxim Naymets will be able to broaden his knowledge in the field of coffee business, as he got the scholarship from the Ukrainian Social Academy for studies at the International School of Coffee. Such trainings will be of a great benefit for a young man who seeks to open a social coffeehouse «Open heart» in Sumy. The ideas is to give a financial support (from the profit) to vulnerable groups.

The greatest number of points got Oksana Doctorivich with the project of starting a home type kindergarten «Glove» (ukr. Рукавичка). She seeks to run a  home-based inclusive kindergarten. So the Ukrainian Social Academy gave her the opportunity to become a participant of the Summer School of Social Entrepreneurship, which will be held in the office of Ukrainian Social Academy.

Among the jury members there were some representatives of different businesses in Sumy, who stated their readiness to invest in the participants’ projects and help with the launch of the enterprises.

The team of Ukrainian Social Academy is proud of the achievements of our alumnus and we will assist them in further activities, as we know that our strength is in unity.

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