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About us

Ukrainian Social Academy

The Ukrainian Social Academy is a non-profit organization that forms a generation of social innovators and leaders for social changes.

USA develops innovations in the social sphere

Our priority area is the development of innovations in the social sphere. We apply innovative methods of training to create and support social businesses aimed at solving social issues.

Development of a clear course of action

All who seek to change the country, especially, young social innovators, active citizens and leaders come to us with an idea, and leave us with a clear course of action.

USA forms conscious leaders.

We form professionals in social entrepreneurship and conscious leaders who develop the state. We unite progressive people who share our values ​​and are ready to make positive transformations. Our educational space is for sharing ideas and best practices in social entrepreneurship and innovations. This is the platform for introducing social changes.

Expert and mentor support for participants

Participants of our programs receive expert-mentor support from the best specialists in the field of business.

Implementation of participants’ initiatives

Graduates of the Academy implemented dozens of initiatives on solving environmental, educational, cultural and social issues in different parts of Ukraine.

The first innovative social cluster

Created for development of an innovative social environment of the region, using the opportunities of public-private partnership, entrepreneurial initiative and socially responsible business activities

The usa identity is a Christian social doctrine

  • USA identity – Christian social doctrine


  • USA is the only one in Ukraine that takes Christian social doctrine as a principle of activity. We develop young people who are committed to the values ​​of human dignity, freedom and solidarity, ready for social challenges and are the driving force of social changes. We are confident that our professional expertise and devotion to the social doctrine of the Church contribute to the application of Christian values ​​in business and change society as a whole.


Usa forms conscious leaders

USA is forming conscious leaders

USA is forming conscious leaders

We bring together progressive people

We bring together progressive people