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Why We Exist

Ukrainian Social Academy is a non-governmental, non-profit foundation which aims at formation of future leaders and social entrepreneurs in Ukraine.

Responding to the widely perceived gap between higher education and the employment marketplace, Ukrainian Social Academy is preparing a new generation of ethical, self-aware leaders tackling the world’s toughest problems.

This formation is to be based in the Christian social tradition and develop an intercultural and international understanding among those who receive it. Without quality formation of our youth we can not make a significant contribution to society.

The Ukrainian Social Academy is an all-Ukrainian institution that explores the relationship between the Christian social tradition and the theory and practice of the social sciences by fostering a deeper integration of faith and work.

Through the years, the Ukrainian Social Academy has grown to accommodate its mission of preparing all participants to be socially responsible citizens with a commitment to the values of human dignity, freedom, solidarity, and justice as well as respectful of and enriched by the Christian faith, worldview, and values as well as knowledgeable of Christian social teaching.

The purpose of the Ukrainian Social Academy is:

  • to help raise the qualifications of students, postgraduate students and scientists in Ukraine within the field of Christian social teaching and the subjects related to this field;
  • to educate and encourage new leaders to be “salt, light and leaven”;
  • to share and discuss the principles of Christian social thought;
  • to bring students and leaders together in civil dialogue in order to advance the common good and protect the poor and vulnerable;
  • to form civil society through the education and development of leaders based on moral principles.

Our Mission: Develop professionals who create social impact

The mission of the Ukrainian Social Academy is to develop professionals who create social impact by creating new models of education and training that enable people to develop new practical skills and experiences for their professional toolkit, a personal understanding of their own leadership journey, and the global networks necessary for long-term career success. All this while simultaneously reducing the high cost of a world-class global education.

As a result, we build much-needed talent and capacity in organizations addressing social problems, thus enabling more effective operations across the entire social sector.

Our Vision:

Education for Societal Change

Our most profound problems cross political, religious, and ideological boundaries, requiring not just interdisciplinary thought but also interlocking experiences to understand them. The Ukrainian Social Academy promotes dialogue on applications of Christian Social Thought to build bridges across political, religious, and ideological lines, and encourage a new generation of Christian leaders to see their faith as assets in pursuing the common good.

And in this world of accelerating problems, the most important thing to do is to help more people become problem-solvers. We envision our community seeing themselves as global changemakers – able to operate flexibly and freely wherever they are called to go, living and working in ways that transcend boundaries.

Our Values:

Ukrainian Social Academy is

  • Valuable adaptive learning. USA –  a creation of new educational initiatives, focused on civic competences development and social entrepreneurship; social engineering and professional development; transfer of new knowledge and skills for the development of political, economic and social life of Ukraine and implementation of the Christian social teaching in its daily processes. We aim to develop the professional and personal development of our participants, support their initiatives and values.
  • Community of innovations. USA – an interactive environment with innovative approaches in education, which is oriented towards objective understanding of worldwide and Ukrainian issues, forms the multidimensional understanding of social processes, and creates possibilities for sharing the experience among the leaders from different areas of social life.
  • Civic engagement in local communities. USA – an environment, which forces the active position of participants in social life and contributes to the capacity building of local communities.
  • Building peace and social justice. USA contributes to the promotion of social justice, building the national dialogue and peace for the sake of social groups, organizations and communities in their striving towards positive changes.
  • Globality + locality. We connect the most innovative international approaches with Ukrainian experience and practice.

Why Not a University

By not aiming to become a university, we retain the ability to stay innovative with regard to our education model, as well as be closely aligned with the needs of employers. This is because what employers value in incoming employees isn’t provided adequately by universities, and vice-versa, what universities do well isn’t valued highly by employers. Therefore, we have a market failure in higher education. Though universities face a rising demand to provide more opportunities for experiential learning professional development, their orientation towards academic results means that they cannot supply what employers care most about.

By partnering extensively with universities, we hope to support their transition towards the type of education that both their students and employers desire.

Our Financial Model

Our financial model is similar to most educational institutions. We are a nonprofit organization because we aim to keep the price of our programs as low as possible, without sacrificing its world-class quality. We match the resulting shortfall by conducting executive programs for universities, foundations, NGOs, and companies. (This in turn extends our impact to larger groups of people.) We are a financially sustainable social enterprise; the vast majority of our operating expenses are covered through program fees and earned income. All donations and grants go 100% to supporting leaders of social change.